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    Cannabis compliance begins with transparency

    Saphe conducts data-driven verification, providing insight into regulatory compliance by way of government agency licensing, product testing, and 3rd party certifications.

  • Simplify
    chain-of-custody management of your supply chain

    You work hard to choose the right supplier relationships, ensuring your final product meets and even exceeds quality and compliance requirements.


    The Saphe Index, built on data-driven verification, provides ongoing monitoring of compliance requirements, ensuring consistency of best practices.

  • Cannabis-related Banking –
    Manage risk, not complexity

    For financial institutions who see the new market opportunity of cannabis, hemp and CBD, or for those who have always supported farmers and upstart businesses in their communities, Saphe streamlines the due diligence process of high-risk banking.

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    Built to reduce the friction and complexity inherent in the evaluation, onboarding, and monitoring of high-risk industries.

  • Meet Our Team

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    Christian Barr

    Founder & CEO

    Christian is an accomplished 20-year enterprise technology leader with experience in consulting, product management and marketing. He’s built successful communications and marketing strategies, led brand and product launches, and achieved revenue goals through innovative programs.

    Prior to joining LiveAction, Christian held senior positions—from startups to publicly-traded companies—at companies including PTC, Metatomix, and Accenture. His 20+ years in high-tech have been spent crafting and executing innovative solutions for the hospitality, transportation, public safety, financial services and manufacturing industries.

    Barr earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville. Christian’s time away from work find him with his wife and two daughters, while trying to squeeze in miles on his bike in the hills around the greater Nashville TN area.

  • Why Saphe

    At Saphe, we believe in the power of hemp and the potential it is ushering in for a healthier and more sustainable future for all. Nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, personal care, fibers and textiles, building products – we've only begun to know the possibilities.


    The rapid of adoption of CBD (cannabinoids) in tinctures, edibles, topicals, and other products illustrates the urgency for line-of-sight traceability and compliance for all to believe that safe products end up on the shelf for your family and ours.

    We all care about creating a safe future for this industry, and hemp-related businesses, retailers, banks, insurers, regulators, and consumers all have a shared interest in this future.


    But how do we ensure fast-developing hemp supply chains are operating to the highest standards possible, even in this evolving market?


    That’s why we are here. Our mission is to provide verified traceability and compliance for a global hemp and CBD marketplace. As a team of technology solution builders, designers, and innovators, we are focused on delivering next-gen capabilities across the ecosystem.

    The future is here, let’s make it better together.

  • Let's talk

    We partner with innovators who share our belief that new industries such as cannabis and crypto are a part of our modern economy. Engaging these segments with a compliance-first mindset unlocks economic opportunity and adherence to regulation.


    We welcome the opportunity to learn how you engage businesses in these industries and if we can help accelerate your time to market while providing the transparency and control required across your organization.

    Nashville, TN 37203